Napoleonic Medals

Let us take a walk in the history of the medals. Most of us are familiar with the first medals, Pisanello that was produced in 1438 by an Italian painter Antonio Pisano. History tells us that medals were mostly used as an award.

Napoleonic Medals are the medals celebrating the accomplishments of Napoleon I of France. These coins also include the ones struck by the Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint), which is a government-owned institution accountable for producing France’s coins.

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These medals are a complete series of medals, produces in France, Italy, Britain, and Germany, by the Start of the Empire in 1804 into the recovery in 1815.

A number of the awards encountered throughout Napoleon’s reign ended up restruck after in the exact same dies. Discovering if a certain decoration has been hit can occasionally hard.

The absolute most authoritative catalog of Napoleonic medals is made with means of a collector called Bramsen in three different amounts released between 1904 and 1913. This catalog describes significantly a lot greater than 2300 awards, such as awards struck from the Paris Mint so that in addition to awards from some different states associated with Napoleon or his reign.

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