Baseball Chains: Custom Baseball Chain Necklaces & Cross Chains in USA

At Digital Jewelry, we are a pioneering manufacturer of baseball chains in the United States, including championship necklaces and cross chains. For years, we’ve celebrated the thrill of victory alongside countless athletes by producing striking baseball chain necklaces mirroring their championship triumphs. Our chains serve as trinkets of adornment and tangible manifestations of success that champions wear with pride. Being factory-direct, we offer quick, comprehensive customization options and generous bulk discounts. With us, quality meets affordability in a perfect blend.

The Significance of Baseball Chains

The baseball chains we manufacture are not simply accessories. They’re a physical embodiment of your hard-earned achievements. Each time you drape a baseball championship chain around your neck, you’re rekindling the flames of victory, letting the world share in your triumph. Comprising of solid brass, our chains are hefty symbols of success, designed to stand the test of time, forever reminding you of the moments when you ascended to the pinnacle of baseball glory.
Baseball Circle Championship Chain
Baseball Shield Championship Chain

A Variety of Baseball Chains: Celebrating Every Champion

At Digital Jewelry, we celebrate all forms of victory, big or small. We offer a comprehensive assortment of baseball chains, each thoughtfully designed to commemorate your journey. From the sparkling silver chains worn by the little leaguers who just hit their first home run to the gleaming gold ones draping the necks of national champions, our variety caters to every level of achievement. We also offer chains in robust brass, embodying the resilience and determination of every baseball player. We ensure that every triumph echoes in a beautifully crafted baseball chain by providing chains for kids, boys, girls, youths, high school students, men, women, and state and national champions.

Baseball Chain Necklaces: Styles and Materials to Suit All Tastes

With the sheer diversity of baseball players and fans, more than a one-size-fits-all design approach is needed. Our range of baseball chain necklaces is as diverse as the baseball community. Each piece in our collection features a 7″ x 6″ chain, a link fence, and intricately layered front plates to create a captivating 3D effect. Our chains come in several materials, including robust brass, shimmering silver, and glorious gold, offering a range of options to suit your preferences. From the shaping to the engraving, color scheme, image, and text, every detail is painstakingly crafted to ensure the final product reflects your victory in all its glory.
Circle Shield Championship Chains
Baseball Shield Championship Chain

Personalize Your Baseball Chains: A Symbol of Your Unique Victory

While we strive for perfection in all our baseball chains, we understand that every champion’s journey is unique. Therefore, we encourage our clients to collaborate creatively, designing their baseball chains with impressive numbers, names, or logos. Whether you’re an individual player, a team, or just a fan, you can design your chain from the ground up, choosing the type of metal, thickness, and other personalized elements. The result? An utterly custom baseball chain or necklace that is as unique as your journey to victory.

High-Quality Baseball Chains at Affordable Prices

Quality and affordability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. At Digital Jewelry, we’ve merged these two aspects to offer high-quality baseball chains at prices that won’t break the bank. Our chains are crafted from robust metals like brass, silver, and gold, ensuring they last a lifetime. Despite their premium quality, our chains are affordable, making them accessible. In addition, our factory-direct approach eliminates intermediaries, allowing us to pass the savings on to you. As a result, you receive a product that embodies your victory without straining your wallet.
Baseball Championship Chain

A Baseball Chain for Everyone: Celebrating the Love for the Sport

Baseball is more than a game; it’s a shared passion that unites us all, regardless of age or gender. Considering this, we’ve designed our baseball chains to be inclusive, catering to everyone connected to the sport. Whether you’re a young girl hitting your first ball, a seasoned coach guiding your team to victory, or a fan cheering from the stands, our chains are designed to represent your love for the game. They come in various sizes and styles, making them the perfect accessory for baseball enthusiasts.

Baseball Chains for Teams and Individuals: One Size Does Not Fit All

Victory in baseball can be a collective achievement of a team or a personal triumph of an individual player. At Digital Jewelry, we celebrate these forms of success with our custom baseball chains. Whether it’s a team of young boys savoring their first win, a high school team reveling in their season’s success, or a professional player basking in the glory of a well-played game, we have chains to celebrate every victory. Our team baseball chains can feature logos, colors, and more, making them a collective symbol of achievement. In contrast, our chains can be customized with personal logos, making them a unique testament to personal accomplishment.

The Manufacturing Process: A Blend of Artistry and Technology

Our baseball chains are a testament to the seamless blend of art and technology. We begin by selecting the desired metal – brass, silver, or gold – based on the customer’s choice. This metal is then cut into 6 x 5-1/4 inches plates. The plates are then attached to a chain of your choice – 7 or 8 inches wide and 35 inches long. The image color personalization spans a diameter of 4-1/2 inches.

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Our Design Process: Crafting the Perfect Baseball Chain

Initial Dialogue

We begin with an initial dialogue with our customers to craft a perfect baseball chain. This enables us to gather their valuable input and understand their vision for the final product.

Concept Ideation

Next, we move to the concept ideation stage, turning your ideas into a tangible design. This is where our expertise comes to the fore as we mold your vision into a feasible design for your custom baseball chain.

Design Validation

Before we proceed to production, we validate the design with you, ensuring it aligns with your expectations.


Once the design is approved, we move to the craftsmanship phase, where our skilled artists breathe life into the design, turning the metal into a piece of art that embodies your victory.

Quality Assurance

In our pursuit of perfection, each baseball chain undergoes stringent quality checks to meet our high standards.


The final step is delivery, where your customized baseball chain, packaged in your choice of plastic, wooden, or velvet drawstring backpack, reaches your hands, ready to be worn with pride.

High Quality Chains

We manufacture high quality baseball chains for USA, Canada, Dubai and all around all the globe.

Cost Calculator

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Quickly customize your baseball chain neckalces with our templates. Not satisfied? Share your ideas or design with us for a complete custom baseball chain.

Made in USA

We proudly design and manufacture these baseball championship chains here in the USA.

Why Choose Digital Jewelry?

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail set us apart when it comes to custom championship belts. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

Our Pledge to Perfection

At Digital Jewelry, our commitment to perfection is unwavering. From conceptualization to delivery, every step is geared towards creating a product that lives up to our high standards and your expectations.

Customization at Its Finest

Every victory is unique, as should the symbol representing it. Our customization options allow you to design a baseball chain that perfectly captures your triumph.

Factory Direct: Save Time and Money

By dealing directly with the manufacturer, you save both time and money. Plus, you get a firsthand view of the entire manufacturing process.

Proudly Made in
the USA

We take great pride in making every one of our baseball chains right here in the USA a testament to our commitment to local craftsmanship and quality.

Quick and Reliable Delivery

We value your time and understand your excitement. Hence, we ensure quick and reliable delivery of every order.

The History of Baseball Chains

Tracing the lineage of baseball chains brings us back to several decades ago when these adornments first graced the necks of victors on the field. These chains began as emblems of personal victory, a way for players to celebrate their on-field achievements outwardly.
In the contemporary sports landscape, these chains have become more than just a mark of personal accomplishment. They are now synonymous with team triumph, a symbol of community unity, and a tangible expression of an individual’s passion for baseball. This evolution reflects the multi-dimensional significance of baseball chains in today’s sporting culture.
In conclusion, your baseball championship chain from Digital Jewelry is not just a souvenir – it’s a celebration of your journey to victory, a symbol of your achievement, and a token of your love for the sport. Celebrate your success with us; champions deserve nothing but the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What materials are used in your baseball chains?

Our baseball chains are made from robust metals like brass, silver, and gold, ensuring durability and a premium feel.

Do you offer customization options for baseball chains?

Yes, we provide both quick and comprehensive customization options. You can design your chain with unique numbers, names, or logos, choosing the type of metal, thickness, and other personalized elements.

How can I order a custom baseball chain?

Contact us with your design ideas or requirements, and our team will guide you through the customization process. You can also choose from our pre-designed templates and quickly customize them with your information.

How long does it take for the baseball chain to be delivered?

Delivery times can vary based on the complexity of the design and your location. However, we aim to deliver all orders as quickly as possible. For specific timelines, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

What packaging options are available for the baseball chains?

Our baseball chains come with various packaging options. You can choose from plastic, wooden, or velvet drawstring backpacks.

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