It is always exciting to see a nail-biting faceoff in the football stadium. The suspense and noise will make it more interesting for the crowd. As football fans, we always want our favorites to win the battle on the ground.

It’s not just a football match, it’s a test of skill, metal approach and the ability to absorb pressure under unusual situations. The muscles can’t lead you to win. It’s how you control the nerves during the game and win the faceoff.

Pre-match information with stats always assists in understanding the positives and negatives, in contrast, shaping a formation and strategy against any opponent in a football game.

Oak Ridge Football

It’s crucial to know what impact and difference the new year makes. Oak Ridge football team hopes to see an improvement in its performance in 2022 after an unusually low-performing season.

A short spring season because of the COVID pandemic. Contrastingly, a new head coach joined the program in June.

The new players and strategies adopted later in the summer produced the team finishing 3-7. In contrast, the team could not make it to the playoffs.

I am more scared of losing than I love being a winner, Trojans senior quarterback Maddox Varella states. Meanwhile, losing that much was very hard to absorb, and we wouldn’t like to experience that feeling again.

Primary, we are here as a group this year to return the program to the level we believe it should be. Firmly believe Oak Ridge football doesn’t go 3-7.

Varella was transferred to Oak Ridge from Ponderosa before the 2021 season. At the same time, his journey toward a new team was one of a kind. Therefore, this season’s Trojans are looking forward to turning around.

Additionally, a full offseason of exercises, including spring practices, spring games, and 7-on-7 matches, keeps Varella and his teammates optimistic about the team’s future. Nevertheless, it will begin with the season that starts on the 19th of August with a non league opening game at Cosumnes Oaks-Elkgrove.

Conventionally speaking, we have a complete offseason to go, and our team has formed a strong bond, Varella states. In contrast, this season feels as if everyone is as one; all seem to be getting along and socializing. Therefore, we feel more comfortable.

Along with chances to bond, the extended offseason allows roles to be defined and the coaching strategies to be understood. Following spring training, the Trojans participated in more 7-on-7 competitions than Head Coach Casey Taylor normally entered. To sum up the offseason, Oak Ridge travelled to a training camp on the campus of Southern Oregon University, where bonds building and confidence boosters happened.

our journey across Southern Oregon brought us together, Taylor stated. Besides, the team cares about every important member. At the same time, we know it’s not simple to get back to where we are, but we’re ready for the task.

The task ahead of Oak Ridge includes the gauntlet of being in the top league within the Sac-Joaquin Section and maybe all of Northern California. However, later after a non league schedule that provided for regional powerhouses. In popular Vacaville and Pleasant Valley-Chico, along with Oregon champions at the state level, Silverton The Trojans begin Sierra Foothill League games in September.

Additionally, to allow Oak Ridge to record the first win over its local rival Folsom in 17 attempts. While maybe even making it back to the playoffs, Taylor will rely on several returning players on each side of the ball. In comparison, Varella is the quarterback who took over QB1 duty in the team’s final non league game last season. Mostly, it will run an offensive that is potent, thanks to an impressive offensive line.

Interestingly, Varella said that the line is improving, and we’ve got some strength in the front. At the same time, I believe I’ll be able to do my readings better and transfer that ball back to our players.

Usually, the Trojan’s offensive arsenal includes runners Dwight Martin III and Jake Hall and many tight-end players. However, senior Sebastian Sutton leads the receiving team. On the other side, Sutton, who was restricted to an entire game last year because of injuries, is expected to be Varella’s main target.

Huge respect, hands down; he’s the best player I’ve had the pleasure of playing with, Varella said of Sutton. In contrast, he has incredible catchers, and we’ve built an amazing bond.

The team’s Captain, Conner Dasmann, leads the Trojan defense. At the same time, Dasmann is the senior linebacker with the most sacks on the team, with 9.5 Sacks in 10 games. Additionally, He’s eager to take on quarterbacks and block rushers from his position on the edge.

Moreover, the new program design is to make use of Dasmann’s strengths. However, the defense hopes to provide the offence with more chances.

I love going out and playing big moves whenever I get a chance, Dasmann stated. Moreover, we must make big stops to help set up the offence.

Dasmann and Varella have taken on leadership roles

Henceforth, we have an eye on the prize, Dasmann said of the team’s goal to bounce back from the postseason omission. However, we love to draw inspiration from the last season’s experience as motivation.

As a team, we believe we had the potential to enhance our performance and get the most out of our experience.

Taylor, the Oak Ridge alum, got his first coaching gig at the university. However, he attended over twenty years ago. He moved to El Dorado Hills, just a few blocks from the campus, halfway through the offseason, to get closer to the team, literally and metaphorically. In contrast, the closeness to the football and school field is an additional aspect that could make the difference between 3-7 into 7-3.

Additionally, it’s a great honor to be associated with the community involved in “the Junior Trojans program and its coaches and players,” Taylor states.

Lastly, we were not pleased with last year’s season, and we think we have plenty to demonstrate. As we speak, we’re currently 0-0, focused on every day, every practice, and every game; we’re just trying to get each week 1-0.

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