army_closeupPlease see the attached photo.  Our 249th,US Army Corps of Engineers, are proudly wearing the Digital Jewelry pin for Safety on their ear plug case as part of their uniform as ordered by our 3 Star General, Chief of Engineers, LTG Robert B. Flowers and Command Sgt Major, Robert M. Dils.  Our 249th have a world-wide mission.”  Since Sep 11, 2001, the 249th have supported and are continuing to support the recovery
and clean-up mission requested by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
The 249th also are the first responders for National Disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes etc.  They take the disaster victims water, ice, remove debris and can fly in heavy weight equipment such as cranes and generators world-wide.
We take pride in the pin for Safety made for us by Digital Jewelry. Both our military and civilians wear it proudly…world-wide!
With Regards,
Vickie Siebert
Safety and Occupational Health Manager


We can’t thank you all enough!!! The coins are absolutely incredible. Tell your guys they did a bang-up job!!!
I have a conference this week where I will have an opportunity to show them off and the rest will be history, because the craftsmanship you guys put in will do the rest.
CW2 Bobby L. Davis, JR.
OIC, Aerial Delivery Dettachment
Fort Polk, LA 71459


Dear Mr. Colucci
Today I received your Jewelry samples. I don’t have enough words to tell you how excellent they are!
They are really worth the price!
I will state the extreme high quality of your products, in the next issue to the Alumni newsletter.
Once again, congratulations, great Job!
Prof. Daniel Odin (MBA)


Thanks Billy,
I love it! The 2003 looks fantastic!! And including the 4 cubic zirconium’s is so wonderful of you!! You say it is almost at cost, but I think you are saying that to make me feel ok. Your taking a hit on this one! Especially with the overwhelming amount of time you have dedicated to this. I will be so proud, I’ll be your number one unofficial spokesman. Once the boxing clubs see this they are going to go nuts! To see something that recognizes “US” as boxers. Something done right. Something unique, with honest class. Not the baseball trophy with the batter removed and the unmatching boxer cobbled on top. Everyone that shows interest is going to hear about a business man that understands peoples achievements in sports isn’t always recognized. That wonderful people work, sweat, and sacrifice, in sports that just don’t get the attention and respect they truly deserve. I will tell everyone about Billy Colucci, the custom jeweler that would rather help the underdog with HONEST pricing, BETTER representation, CUSTOM representation mater of factly, than the big boys get with their BIG money. Trust me Billy, these guys are going to love the fact that a new rung on the ladder of respect has been added. And I will let them know Billy is there to help them, when the day comes for their outstanding fighter, club, or coach, to have a lifelong remembrance of the time they became “CHAMPIONS.” And then… I’ll bore them with how I just happened to be so fortunate as to have that very same experience one year myself.
Please tell your family we wish them the happiest of holidays, for they are in our hearts!

Hello Billy,
What a nice surprise ! I just wanted to send you an email and the DHL arrived with these GREAT charms. Tomorrow is the big day. I already presented the pendants (with lot’s of success) to the Mortgage branch of the bank. Tomorrow they will present them to the board of the group. Let’s cross fingers (I shall not be present during this meeting).
Regarding the silver pendant (for the time being, most of the order will be in silver – as I can see), could you quote me on a silver chain (not too thick, not too thin, short standard length around the neck), based on the same figure as the pendant (500 – 750 units); would be good to send me one or two options per email as jpeg, so I can present it too. This is not so urgent, I do not need it before the meeting. It will be in any way at 9:00am (in a couple of hours).
I have to drive to the south of the country and I shall be out of reach (cell / internet) until Thursday afternoon. I shall keep you posted. Thanks again for the great and speedy service.
The pendants look fantastic – much nicer, actually, as I imagined them to be.

Thank you very much for the awesome job done on the watch. It looks great! I got it in the mail about one week ago, sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner.
Thank you again!
Lindsay Atkins


Received our rings and they look great. You outdid yourself! They are so good I have another coach wanting to do the same thing for his boys.

Joseph White