Wrestling Chains: Custom Wrestling Necklace and Cross Chains

Digital Jewelry has been a renowned name in crafting tailor-made wrestling chains, wrestling chain necklaces, and wrestling cross chains since 1955 in the United States. Nestled in the heart of Columbia, SC, our manufacturing facility has been a testament to our commitment to superior quality and customer satisfaction. We encourage direct orders from our factory, enabling you to save valuable time and money while enjoying an unparalleled purchasing experience. We offer expedited shipping when you need your order in a rush. Get a hassle-free instant quote or contact us at 803-760-7099 to explore our product range and services.

With a keen focus on the needs of teams and coaches, we offer special discounts to facilitate a cost-effective buying experience. At Digital Jewelry, your championship chains are more than a mere amalgamation of metals. We comprehend their significance as a lifetime souvenir, encapsulating your hard-fought victories and cherished memories. This understanding drives our highly skilled craftsmen to select only the finest raw materials to craft your wrestling championship chains, necklaces, pendants, and cross chains. Our extensive gallery presents a vast selection of chains, necklaces, cross chains, charms, and more for everyone—men, women, boys, girls, youth, kids, high school, and state champions. We provide swift and comprehensive customization for these wrestling necklaces and cross chains. Reach out to us at 803-760-7099 to discuss your requirements.

What is a Wrestling Chain?

A wrestling chain, alternatively known as a wrestling chain necklace or a wrestling cross-chain, is a cherished piece of jewelry embodying a wrestler’s achievements and triumphs in the grueling sport of wrestling. Worn around the neck, it is a constant reminder of a wrestler’s journey, marking milestones like a championship win or a significant progression in their career. Customizations, including personalized engravings, logos, or symbols, adorn these chains, reflecting the individual wrestler’s identity and their notable victories.
Wrestling Championship Chains
Wrestling Chain

Significance of Wrestling Chains

Wrestling chains hold immense symbolic importance within the wrestling fraternity, encapsulating a wrestler’s dedication, hard work, and triumphant journey. More than just ornamental pieces, they are valued keepsakes that preserve the wrestler’s memories and milestones. As they wear a wrestling chain, wrestlers carry with them a tangible reminder of their accomplishments and the tenacity they displayed to reach their goals. These chains, thus, serve as a beacon of motivation, inspiration, and pride for not just the wearer but their fellow teammates, coaches, and admirers alike.

Types of Wrestling Chains

Various types of wrestling chains are available to cater to different preferences and styles. Some common types include:
Championship Chains: These chains commemorate significant achievements, such as winning a national or state wrestling championship. They often feature large and intricately designed plates with engravings of the wrestler’s name, the championship event, and relevant symbols or logos.
Personalized Chains: Wrestle chains allow wrestlers to customize their jewelry with their name, initials, team logo, or other meaningful engravings. These chains add a personal touch and serve as a unique representation of the wrestler’s identity.
Cross Chains: Cross chains are wrestling chains with a cross pendant as a central element. They are often worn as a symbol of faith and spirituality, providing wrestlers with strength and inspiration during their matches.
Team Chains: Team chains are designed specifically for wrestling teams and are customized with the team’s logo, name, or motto. These chains foster a sense of unity, camaraderie, and team spirit among wrestlers, showcasing their collective achievements and bond.

Wrestling Chains
Custom Championship Chain

High-Quality Custom Wrestling Chain Necklaces & Cross Chains at Low Cost

At Digital Jewelry, we offer top-notch custom wrestling chain necklaces and cross chains at reasonable prices. Our expert craftsmen have honed their skills over the decades, designing and crafting personalized wrestling chains in the USA since our establishment in 1955. By ordering directly from our factory in Columbia, SC, USA, you bypass any middlemen, saving time and money without sacrificing quality.

We realize the significance of wrestling chains and are committed to delivering products that exceed the highest standards of craftsmanship and durability. Our team employs cutting-edge technology and first-rate materials to create wrestling chains that impress with their aesthetics and longevity. Whether you’re a national champion, a passionate wrestler, or a coach searching for team chains, we possess the expertise and resources to cater to your customization needs.

Materials and Styles of Custom Wrestling Chains

Our custom wrestling chains offer many materials and styles to meet individual preferences and needs. The materials we utilize include:
Brass: Known for their durability, strength, and affordability, brass chains offer a classic and timeless appeal, making them a favorite among wrestlers.
Silver: Silver chains stand out with their elegance and sophistication. They are highly appreciated for their lustrous appearance and are often chosen for their premium quality and endurance.
Zinc chains provide a versatile option with excellent corrosion resistance and a lightweight feel. They can be plated or painted to achieve different finishes and colors.
Gold: Gold chains personify luxury and prestige. They add a touch of extravagance to wrestling chains and are favored by those seeking a more extravagant and refined look.
Regarding styles, we offer various chain designs such as link chains, cable chains, box chains, and more. Each design can be customized in length, thickness, and other aesthetic elements.
Custom Championship Chains
Turnover Chains

Personalize Your Wrestling Chain

We recognize that each wrestler’s journey is unique, filled with personal achievements, challenges, and stories. At Digital Jewelry, we offer comprehensive customization options to imbue your wrestling chain with elements that reflect your journey and unique story. From personal engravings and team logos to individual design elements, we work closely with you to ensure every detail of your wrestling chain is tailored to your specifications.

Wrestling Chains for everyone (men, women, boys, girls, kids, coaches)

We believe that wrestling chains are for everyone involved in the sport, regardless of age or gender. We offer a wide range of wrestling chains suitable for men, women, boys, girls, kids, and even coaches. Our collection includes chains with different lengths, sizes, and designs to cater to diverse preferences and sizes.

We have specially designed chains for young wrestlers or kids that are lightweight, comfortable, and sized appropriately for their smaller frames. These chains are crafted with the same attention to detail and quality as our adult-sized chains, ensuring that young wrestlers can proudly wear their achievements around their necks.

Coaches play a vital role in a wrestler’s journey, and we recognize their contributions and dedication. We offer customized coaching chains that showcase the coach’s name, team logo, or other personalized elements. These chains serve as a symbol of appreciation and recognition for the coach’s guidance and support.

Custom Turnover Chain
Shark Bite Shield Championship Chain

Wrestling Chains for Teams and Individuals

Whether you’re part of a wrestling team or an individual wrestler, our custom wrestling chains are designed to celebrate your achievements.

For teams, we offer team chains that can be personalized with the team’s name, logo, or motto. These chains foster a sense of unity and pride among team members, constantly reminding them of their collective accomplishments.

We provide personalized wrestling chains for individual wrestlers highlighting their names, achievements, or other meaningful engravings. These individualized chains are a testament to the wrestler’s hard work, determination, and success. They serve as a source of motivation and inspiration, empowering the wearer to continue their pursuit of excellence.

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The Manufacturing Process: A Blend of Artistry and Technology

The art of crafting wrestling chains at Digital Jewelry blends traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. We believe in maintaining a transparent design process where we involve you at every step. From initial consultations and concept development to design validation, craftsmanship, quality assurance, and delivery, we ensure our process is inclusive and comprehensive.

Our Design Process:

Initial Dialogue

Our process starts with a comprehensive discussion to grasp your vision, preferences, and specific criteria for your custom wrestling chain. This phase serves as a platform to communicate your ideas, inspirations, or particular design elements that you envision in your chain. Guided by our experienced design team, you’ll navigate the process with expert advice and insights, aiding in translating your vision into tangible design.

Concept Ideation

With insights from the initial dialogue, our designers plunge into the creative sphere, conjuring the initial concept of your wrestling chain. This phase may involve hand-drawn sketches, digital illustrations, or even 3D models to aid you in visualizing the proposed design. We appreciate and encourage your input and suggestions at this stage to ensure that the design mirrors your expectations.

Design Validation

Upon completing concept generation, we present you with a detailed digital prototype of your personalized wrestling chain. This crucial phase allows you to scrutinize the design, make any necessary modifications, and give the final approval before we launch the production. We prioritize ensuring that the final product meets and surpasses your expectations.


With your consent on the design, our proficient craftsmen roll up their sleeves and set the production phase into motion. They diligently fashion your wrestling chain, marrying advanced technology with the finest materials available. Every nuance of the manufacturing process is executed with unerring precision and an eye for detail, guaranteeing a top-notch and aesthetically pleasing final product.

Quality Assurance

Before your wrestling chain is ready to leave our workshop, it undergoes a rigorous quality assurance check. Our dedicated team meticulously examines each chain to ensure it upholds our strict quality benchmarks regarding craftsmanship, durability, and aesthetic allure. We aim to ensure you receive a wrestling chain that is a true embodiment of supreme quality.


Once your personalized wrestling chain has passed our quality assurance tests, we carefully package it and expedite shipping. We pride ourselves on offering swift and reliable delivery services to our customers nationwide, ensuring that you can start celebrating your accomplishments without any unnecessary delay.

High Quality Chains

We manufacture high-quality chains for the USA, Canada, Dubai, and all around the globe.

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Made in USA

We proudly design and manufacture these wrestling championship chains here in SC, USA.

Why Choose Us 

When it comes to choosing the right provider for your wrestling chains, we offer several compelling reasons to choose Digital Jewelry:

Our Pledge to Perfection

We are committed to perfection in every aspect of our wrestling chains. We strive for excellence from the design process to the craftsmanship and final product. Our experienced team of craftsmen takes pride in delivering wrestling chains that exceed expectations, capturing the essence of your achievements and the spirit of the sport.

Customization at Its Finest

We understand that every wrestler has a unique story and identity. That’s why we offer extensive customization options for our wrestling chains. From personalized engravings to incorporating logos or symbols, we can bring your vision to life and create a wrestling chain that is as unique as you are.

Factory Direct: Save Time and Mone

You can save time and money by ordering directly from our factory in Columbia, SC, USA. We eliminate the middleman and offer competitive pricing for our high-quality wrestling chains. Our streamlined production process ensures a swift turnaround time, getting your personalized chain into your hands faster.

Proudly Made in the USA

We take pride in designing and manufacturing our wrestling chains in the USA. By choosing our products, you support local businesses and artisans while ensuring the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. We are dedicated to upholding the tradition of American-made excellence.

Quick and Reliable Delivery

In addition to our commitment to product quality, we prioritize customer satisfaction in every service aspect. We offer fast, reliable shipping to ensure your wrestling chain reaches you promptly and securely. Our efficient delivery process lets you cherish and showcase your achievements without unnecessary delays.

History of the Wrestling Chains

The tradition of wrestling chains dates back several decades and has been intertwined with the sport’s rich history. Wrestling chains symbolized achievement and recognition during the late 20th century. Wrestlers like Stone Cold, Steve Austin, The Rock, and John Cena introduced custom-designed championship belts, inspiring the trend of personalized wrestling chains. These wrestlers showcased their unique designs and logos on their wrestling chains, elevating them from mere accessories to coveted symbols of success.

Over the years, wrestling chains have become more diverse regarding materials, styles, and customization options. They hold immense significance in the wrestling community, representing wrestlers’ hard work, dedication, and triumph at various levels and ages. Today, wrestling chains are cherished by wrestlers, coaches, and fans as a tangible reminder of the wrestler’s journey and accomplishments.

The original Miami Turnover Chain featured a large “U” pendant with orange and green gemstones, symbolizing the University of Miami’s colors. As players made interceptions or forced fumbles, they were awarded the chain on the sideline, highlighting their contribution to the team’s performance.
The Miami Turnover Chain quickly gained popularity within the Miami Hurricanes football program and the football community. It became a recognizable symbol of the team’s defensive prowess and a source of motivation and pride for players and fans. Over the years, the design of the Miami Turnover Chain has evolved, with variations introduced to reflect different styles and celebrate notable achievements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fully customize my wrestling chain?

Absolutely! At Digital Jewelry, we offer comprehensive customization options for your wrestling chains. You can personalize your chain with engravings, logos, symbols, or any other design elements that hold meaning to you.

How quickly can I receive a quote for my wrestling chain order?

We provide free quick quotes for wrestling chain orders within 24 hours. Reach out to us, and our team will assist you promptly.

What materials are used in wrestling chains?

We work with various materials for wrestling chains, including brass, silver, zinc, and gold. The choice of material depends on your preferences and budget.

Can I personalize my wrestling chain with my name, text, or image?

Yes, you can personalize your wrestling chain with your name, text, logo, or any other design element that reflects your identity or achievements.

Can I order wrestling chains for my entire team?

Absolutely! We offer team chains that can be customized with your team’s name, logo, or motto. These chains are perfect for fostering team unity and celebrating collective accomplishments.

Where are your wrestling chains manufactured?

All our wrestling chains are proudly designed and manufactured in the USA at our factory in Columbia, SC. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

How long does it take to receive my personalized wrestling chain?

The delivery time for your personalized wrestling chain depends on the design complexity, order quantity, and location. We offer quick and reliable shipping to ensure your chain reaches you promptly.

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