Austin Mack ducks through the entrance as he walks into the room. Six-foot-five of his lanky frame settles into a chair while his coach pulls out an elastic clip from a spring ball.

His fourth year as the top player in the Bulldogs program, Paul Doherty knows his team’s first few months of PE classes and the spring practice schedule against the offensive. The coaches are implementing new ideas to endure the entire year, which is the defense’s turn.

Every day in the spring is defensive because, throughout the year, it’s offensive, Doherty explained. Everything is in our script for protection. However, it did not hinder (Mack) from taking every single snap.

In the film, Mack struggled to get the ball distributed. In comparison, Doherty was hoping for the quarterback, who isn’t yet a junior, to let it fly down the field. However, Mack would not let it go by checking the ball down and failing to make a read. Mack took important lessons from the well-prepared defense design to run the game.

Usually, His posture and how he explains it, the location of his eyes, and looks and body positioning of the moment are why the ball moved the way it did. Nevertheless, he can explain everything,” Doherty said. At the same time, he’s very mature in that aspect. Meanwhile, he could see the field well and knew what we were doing.

The film reaches a point when Mack makes the right choice. However, Mack saw the coverage before and could see the safety slide into a deep dive to remove shots. In comparison, He could have taken the ball down and examined the ball.

In a conventional sense, he earned his points and earned him his stripes,” Doherty said. On top of all, working alongside him is the best part. It’s a team effort, and that’s the way it is with our quarterbacks. While, the back and forth between the quarterbacks will be very helpful this season.”

Further, Mack is ready to start the 2022-23 season as the team’s designated starter. However, they expected to be one of the top teams in Northern California, with his presence on the side with plenty of attention.

Among others, he’s one of the most popular kids,” Doherty said. In the coming years, He’ll likely be the most popular student across California in 2024. Therefore, we’re looking forward to seeing how he performs this year.

In addition, it’s his first full-time center season at the varsity level. In contrast, Mack has experience in the system and with his players. Moreover, he played three games full of 2021 and took a few moments in two others.

His most memorable performance was against Whitney in the middle of October last year. On the other hand, Mack could throw 160 yards and two touchdowns while completing more than 60 percent of his passes during a win of 52-14.

Interestingly, the victory was the seventh for the team during the season. However, it came off the heels of back-to-back losses against De La Salle, an unbearable loss, and Rocklin. Additionally, The senior player Tyler Tremain, who was enjoying a stellar season, suffered a hamstring injury in losing 31-10 against the Spartans, and Mack substituted for three games.

It was his chance to show off his huge arm with Rocklin; Mack completed a 40-yard drive downfield. Following, his escape from the pocket shows the future as if the author is preparing for an ending. In contrast, Doherty acknowledged that navigating the bag is among Mack’s strengths. At the same time, he’s striving to keep his eye downfield as he moves towards the edge.

I’d consider one among my strengths lies in my arm and my precision, Mack stated. Whereas I can hit the places I’m looking for, particularly with the deep ball, which is among my favorite hops to throw.

The following week, Mack did the same thing again in Granite Bay. In between the game, he threw a 50-yarder that almost went for six yards, slicing the corner and safety. Therefore, he has the potential to play big in a game his teammates are anticipating the same this year. Mack hopes to get those reads quicker and avoid any errors in his throws.

He pointed out that in all of his losses in the last year, he turned his ball over, with three interceptions against Rocklin and one against Granite Bay.

I had many things to improve this season. Still, in the end, it was simply getting more comfortable playing at a pace at the high school level. Junior said. Whereas, getting reps with my team and working on it repeatedly with repetitions and time gets simpler.”

Austin’s Arsenal

As we see in the norm, Folsom is laden with skilled receivers, backs, and tight ends to cover Mack with an aerial weapons attack this season. While developing a sense of relationships may take some time, the depth level should yield dividends when the team can make an appearance in the postseason.

One should understand that there are ten players in the positions of skill,” Doherty mentioned. However, there are many moving parts, and learning to adjust to the rotation is still in the process. In context, we currently have 3 D-1 (collegiate prospects) at tight end and three D-1 receivers. Therefore, we have a bunch of guys to deliver in the game, plus each play. Henceforth, developing relationships with that many players is a long process.”

Contrastingly, Rico (Flores Jr.) is a big name with good reason. However, Brian Ray III on the opposite side is just as talented, Brian Ray III,” Doherty added. Await, a scholarship offer yet, but they’ll be coming. At the same time, Ontario Smith Jr. is currently playing in the slot. In addition, he’s a player from the Pac-12 and was absent for most of the year because of injury; however, he’s looking fantastic. Another slot is RJ Whitten, who has an offer from California. Besides, we also have our tight end. In comparison, Walker Lyons is a national recruit. Whereas Mason Norberg has some recommendations, Colin Gallagher is a D-1 baseball player who performed very well during our game.

The offence will likely be exciting if Folsom’s offensive line can keep up. Interestingly, after the departure of three starters the previous year, Three sophomores will take their place and need to be able to adapt quickly to the varsity level.

However, the O-line is young,” Doherty stated. Meanwhile, there are no sophomores on the varsity. In addition, we’re just football players from the varsity. At the same time, we upload certain standards, and the players go out in an attempt to meet the bar.

Usually, at 6-2 and 190lbs, Flores Jr. expects to be the best player in the Sac-Joaquin Section. In contrast, he had 27 offers to choose from before joining Notre Dame. Additionally, Doherty states that Flores Smith Jr. and Flores Smith Jr. love to play football, and the enthusiasm they generate is contagious.

Whenever you come across kids who truly love the process of recruiting, as well as those who enjoy playing soccer, it gives energy to the team,” the coach stated.

Dogged Defense

Nexus to last season, injuries cost Folsom some crucial games. The team possesses more players this year. Conversely, the Bulldogs will use a 4-2-5 formation on defense. Whereas Collin Denny and Julio Garcia as linebackers. Typically, they will have seven defensive backs within the secondary. Moreover, Doherty said they’ll adapt to accommodate the different offices.

In comparison, this secondary features San Jose State commit Greco Carillo and fellow senior DJ Brown, who has an offer to play for Columbia. Meanwhile, Backup cornerback Cade Dutton pairs up with Slade Wilson, who led the team in interceptions last season, having seven and three, from which he returned to score.

Undoubtedly, Senior Diallo Washington is an outstanding player in the defense line. In contrast, he racked fifty tackles, three sacks, and the fumble-recovery touchdown when he was an undergrad.

Thankfully, Folsom’s defense will be frequent and early when Folsom’s defense test happens back and forth. Moreover, the Bulldogs have to face one of the toughest schedules in Northern California.

It’s imperative to work to keep yourself healthy, and it’s not easy to maintain it when you’re on the way we play, Doherty acknowledged. On that note, we did get many players who had a lot of reps this year, which is fantastic. For the new season, They’ll be well prepared. However, it’s important to prepare everyone as you’ll require them; it’s a long season even if your team is winning.”

Stacked Schedule

Traditionally, the team kicks off this season by playing a 3-game game series against Monterey Trail Elk Grove Edison-Stockton, Serra San Mateo, and Edison. Meanwhile, it is ahead of a lengthy road trip that includes Pittsburg and De La Salle Concord, Ridge-El Dorado Hills, and Whitney Rocklin. Moreover, the team will conclude the season with a home game against Del Oro-Loomis. Then, they will play at Granite Bay and finish with the big-time SFL at home against Rocklin.

Looking into the schedule, It’s a tough program,” Doherty states. Whereas, Maybe it’s the most difficult in NorCal. In addition, We’re still trying to make it into the Open Division, so we try to play the hardest schedule we can.

Folsom’s success depends on how fast the team can connect and develop chemistry. Nexus, it usually comes down to Mack’s ability to spread the ball and run this highly-powered offence.

Lastly, he’s always loved watching Tom Brady play the position, as Brady is the best distributor. Contrastingly, we noticed certain similarities in how they each maneuver the pocket and analyze a defense using their arms.

One of the most Brady-like connections between Mack and the Bulldogs goes back to their mantra this season “Keep the most important thing”.

It means that you should put the team first and don’t be concerned about your self-esteem, Mack explained.

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