Wrestling Medals: Custom Wrestling Medals, Trophies, Awards, and Plaques in USA

In the dynamic world of wrestling, the test of endurance, strategy, and sheer strength transcend the physical realm. The wrestling arena is a testament to an athlete’s spirit, the will to overcome, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence. As a premier manufacturer of custom wrestling medals, trophies, awards, and plaques in the USA, we understand and mirror these values in our creations.

Every medal or trophy we create is a tangible symbol of the perseverance, grit, and courage that every wrestler embodies. Our custom pieces aim to encapsulate each athlete’s journey – the rigorous training, the countless victories, and the lessons learned in defeat. From local wrestling tournaments to professional WWE events, our awards aim to honor the sportsmanship, dedication, and competitive spirit that defines this esteemed sport.

We also understand that wrestling is a diverse sport, encompassing multiple styles and categories. Whether it’s freestyle, Greco-Roman, educational, or folkstyle, each style represents a unique blend of technique, strategy, and athleticism. Our collection of awards reflects this diversity, offering bespoke creations for every category and event. In doing so, we ensure that every triumph, no matter how big or small, receives the recognition it deserves.

What is a Wrestling Medal?

A wrestling medal is a cherished memento of an athlete’s perseverance and excellence. Whether achieved during a school tournament, a professional wrestling match, or an international event, a wrestling medal is much more than a decorative piece. It recognizes the strenuous training, strategic insight, countless hours of practice, and the indomitable spirit required to excel in the sport.

A wrestling medal can also stand for the camaraderie between teammates, the respect for coaches and mentors, and the cheers of countless fans who support the athletes during their wrestling journey. It’s a symbol of victory and a powerful reminder of the path taken to achieve it.

Wrestling Medals
Custom Wrestling Medal

Significance of Wrestling Medals

In the realm of sports, a wrestling medal carries a profound significance. It is a testament to the determination and hard work of the athlete, serving as a powerful motivation for future endeavors. These medals symbolize the commitment, resilience, and spirit of fair play inherent in every wrestling match. They recognize not just the victor but celebrate the sportsmanship, the training, and the mutual respect between competitors.

Moreover, wrestling medals often become heirlooms, passed down through generations. They symbolize familial pride and inspire young and upcoming athletes to strive for greatness in the wrestling arena.

High-Quality Custom High School and State Wrestling Medallions at Wholesale Prices

The sport of wrestling, a compelling blend of strategy and strength, has long been celebrated in high schools and state leagues across America. Athletes’ medals are not just tokens of victory but also represent their hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship. At our manufacturing facility, we understand the profound significance of these tokens and aim to provide top-quality custom wrestling medallions.

Our craftspeople design each piece with the utmost care, reflecting the uniqueness of each event, from high school tournaments to state championships. The resulting wrestling medals, rich in detail and meaning, become cherished keepsakes for the athletes.

Quality is at the forefront of our manufacturing process. We use premium materials and conduct stringent quality checks to ensure each medal carries a mark of excellence. Yet, quality shouldn’t be exorbitantly priced. We offer these remarkable pieces at competitive wholesale prices, allowing schools, colleges, and wrestling clubs to honor their athletes’ achievements within budget.

We create wrestling medals that celebrate each victory with the honor and distinction it deserves without compromising quality or value.

Customized Wrestling Medals
Medal Awards

Customize Your Wrestling Medal

Every wrestling match is unique, filled with memorable moments and distinct achievements. To honor this uniqueness, we offer fully customizable wrestling medals. Whether it’s inscribing the athlete’s name, the date of the event, the wrestling category, or a unique design element, we ensure your medal is as unique as the victory it represents.

From traditional designs to modern aesthetics, we can accommodate various customization requests. Whether it’s a medallion-style medal for a high school wrestling tournament or a custom belt for a professional wrestling match, we can bring your vision to life.

Materials and Styles of Custom Wrestling Medals

Our custom wrestling medals are created from a wide range of materials, giving you the flexibility to choose based on preference, budget, and occasion. We cater to all requirements, from durable metals like gold, silver, copper, zinc, tungsten, titanium, brass, and iron to precious 14k gold for momentous occasions. For those seeking eco-friendly options, we offer medals crafted from wood, and for budget-conscious customers, we provide high-quality plastic alternatives.

The style of a medal is as important as the material. Therefore, we offer an array of shapes and styles, whether the traditional round or oval design or unique shapes like wrestling action figures or pin-style medals. We can create medals to reflect the spirit of any wrestling event.

Custom Medallion
Customized Medal

Wrestling Medals for Tag Teams and Individuals

Individual wrestling medals honor the personal triumphs of wrestlers, echoing their raw strength and precise technique. From local school matches to the illustrious Olympic gold, these accolades are a testament to their grit and commitment. Each medal embodies a narrative of a solo journey, an ascent over daunting competition, and unyielding resilience.

Tag team wrestling medals, meanwhile, represent a shared victory. They celebrate a duo’s harmony, synergy, and combined prowess within the ring’s electrifying dynamics. These medals encapsulate a perfect blend of individual brilliance and collective effort, underscoring the essence of cooperation and shared success.

Whether awarded to an individual or a tag team, each wrestling medal stands as an emblem of hard-won achievement and perseverance in the sport’s challenging landscape.

Customized Wrestling Medals for Everyone

At our manufacturing units, wrestling, a universally cherished sport, binds people of all ages and backgrounds. Wrestling medals, a symbol of determination and excellence, should reflect this universal appeal. Hence, we extend our medal customization services to everyone. Our range of customized wrestling medals caters to men, women, players, coaches, boys, girls, kids, students, and even professional wrestlers from renowned platforms like WWE. We make sure each medal captures the essence of every category.

Perhaps you’re an ambitious wrestling coach looking to reward your budding team of young boys or a proud parent commemorating the success of your daughter’s first wrestling triumph. Perhaps you’re a WWE enthusiast or an amateur wrestler seeking to elevate your local tournament. With our comprehensive personalization options, we can imprint your unique stories into each wrestling medal, making them tangible tokens of diverse individual wrestling journeys.

Championship Medals
Replica Medal

Replica Olympic Wrestling Medals

As a veteran medal manufacturer, we understand the sentimental value of lost or coveted Olympic wrestling medals. Our replica service aims to replenish the void left by a misplaced heirloom or realize the dreams of owning a copy of an admired design. From the Greco-Roman wrestling of the first modern Olympics to the latest medals of Tokyo 2020, we can recreate them all.

Receiving an Olympic medal is a crowning moment for any athlete, a symbol of their relentless dedication, skills, and the spirit of sportsmanship. Recreating these coveted pieces, we strive to deliver replicas that mirror the grandeur and aesthetic appeal of the originals. Our replicas embody the glories of wrestling legends, serving as a source of inspiration for future champions.

Whether it’s replicating the unique ribbon design of Athens 2004 or the intricate medal design from London 2012, we ensure that every detail is meticulously taken care of. We endeavor to carry forward the legacy of the wrestling champions, encapsulating the essence of their sweat and triumph in each replica Olympic wrestling medal.

Customized Packaging for Your Medals

The presentation of a medal plays a crucial role in amplifying the joy and honor of receiving it. Therefore, we offer various packaging options for your wrestling medals. We have you covered, from vibrant and elegant ribbons to drape around the recipient’s neck to luxe leather pouches for a more sophisticated touch to sturdy boxes for a grand reveal. Our packaging options ensure that the excitement and pride of receiving the medal are enhanced manifold, creating a memorable awarding ceremony.
Achievement Medals
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History of Wrestling Medals

The history of wrestling medals is deeply intertwined with the sport’s history. Wrestlers have been honored with accolades from ancient times to commemorate their victories and prowess. In modern times, wrestling medals have evolved into honor, achievement, and recognition symbols at various levels – from school and college tournaments to professional wrestling matches and prestigious international events like the Olympics.

The design, material, and style of wrestling medals have also evolved, reflecting changing aesthetics, advancements in crafting techniques, and growing environmental consciousness. Yet, their core purpose remains the same – to honor wrestlers’ skill, strength, strategy, and spirit.

Through our extensive collection of custom wrestling medals, we strive to uphold this historical tradition, offering tangible symbols of recognition and honor for every wrestler’s unique journey and achievements.

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Forging Your Unique Wrestling Medal: Our Method

Crafting your custom wrestling medal is a responsibility we truly honor, ensuring a smooth and gratifying experience. Let’s break down our design process:

Initial Consultation:

The journey starts by comprehending your vision and custom wrestling medal specifications. This first interaction lets us grasp your preferences, offering seasoned advice that aligns with your expectations.


Design Creation:

Drawing from your ideas, our designers form initial sketches or digital representations. This stage allows us to make your ideas a reality, making necessary adjustments based on your feedback.


Design Validation:

We present a thorough digital replica of your custom wrestling medal
after refining. This step lets you review and refine the design as per your preference.

Expert Craftsmanship:

Our seasoned artisans begin production following design validation, using their skills and advanced machinery to convert your design into reality.


Quality Confirmation:

Each custom wrestling medal is subjected to a rigorous quality inspection before shipment, ensuring only first-rate products are dispatched from our end.


Prompt Delivery:

Our quality assurance team sends your custom wrestling medal to your specified location, ready to celebrate your achievements.


Our wrestling medals are economically priced, making them attainable for all. Enjoy further discounts on bulk purchases by buying directly from our factory, eliminating unnecessary intermediary costs.


Receive a free quote in no time. We’re just a phone call away at (803)760-7099 for urgent queries.


We prioritize shipping small or large orders in timely delivery. Rely on our trusted partners, UPS and FedEx, for secure and timely delivery.


Our wrestling medals are crafted with pride in South Carolina, USA, guaranteeing premium quality and a tribute to the competitive wrestling spirit.

Why Choose Us?

Devotion to Excellence:

Our mission is to offer unparalleled quality, outstanding artistry, and supreme customer satisfaction. We aim for perfection, ensuring each custom wrestling medal tells your unique story.


Extensive Customization:

We understand the significance of personalization in wrestling medals. Our team assists in designing the ideal medal that echoes your achievement, preferences, and style.


Direct Factory Ordering – Time and Cost Savings:

By purchasing directly from our factory, you enjoy affordable pricing and faster deliveries, receiving your wrestling medal without unnecessary wait.

Proudly Produced in the USA:

All our custom wrestling medals are designed and manufactured in the USA. By choosing us, you ensure top-tier quality and support our local economy.


Quick and Reliable Delivery:

We prioritize speed and reliability in delivery along with product quality. Once your custom wrestling medal meets our stringent quality standards, we expedite delivery, ensuring you receive your medal promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two bronze medals in wrestling?

This is because of the repechage system in wrestling. The repechage system is a second chance for wrestlers who lose to the finalists during the competition. They compete against each other for two bronze medals, giving the tournament four medalists: one gold, one silver, and two bronze.

How do you get 2 bronze medals in wrestling?

The two bronze medals in wrestling come from the repechage matches. The wrestlers who lose to the two finalists early in the competition get a second chance through the repechage system. They compete in a mini-elimination tournament, with the last two awarded bronze medals.

How many gold medals did the American men win in freestyle wrestling at the Rio Olympics?

The American men’s freestyle wrestling team won two gold medals at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Kyle Snyder won these in the 97 kg category and Helen Maroulis in the 53 kg category. Please note that Helen Maroulis is a woman who won gold in freestyle wrestling, a style traditionally associated with men’s wrestling.

Why two bronze medals in wrestling?

Two bronze medals are awarded in Olympic wrestling due to the repechage system. This system allows wrestlers defeated by the finalists to have another chance at a medal, leading to two separate brackets for the bronze medal matches.

Who has the most medals in freestyle wrestling?

Bruce Baumgartner of the United States is the wrestler with the most medals in freestyle wrestling. He won 2 golds, 1 silver, and 1 bronze in freestyle wrestling at four consecutive Olympic games from 1984 to 1996. Note that this information is accurate as of the last update in September 2021 and may have changed.

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